Alush Avduli was born…

Notes about the book “Lyrics of Konispoli” of the poet Alush Avduli

Enough, have done the others my biography! When they praise they wanted the worst for you. Biography has got on my nerves. It finished my beautiful days. You have descended from Bugaboo and ghosts, boy, beware! We know who you are, rich villagers tribe, whispered the phantoms in the dark. Your tribe has born only devils. Horny devils!
But, what fault do I have? I am the human! I came to life like everyone else from a rattling embrace. I came with a stream of blood as all the children of the world. In 1953 in Shales of Konispol. In 1972 I finished the general secondary school.
The shining stars of my birthplace gave me the poetic spark. Thanks to poetry that enlivened my soul, I could survive.
But, who am I?! Who are you?
Such questions will not flap on the door of human souls. Now, you people be silent- phantom which were quenched forever at the dawn of democracy.
I talk to you through the poetries’ vesrses of the book “Lyrics of Konispoli” (Lirikat e Konispolit).

Alush Avduli

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