Death of the deaths

Notes about the “Do not remind me death” of the poet Rudina Hasa

The young 18-year-old poet Rudina Sami Hasa with the first poetic volume, “Do not remind me death” (Mos ma kujtoni vdekjen), is presented to the reader with that burst of feelings that every creator would envy her. On the whole, her volume resembles to a crying with feminine tones as fragile and songful as well as heartfelt, like the shout of a hind, after overcoming of an extremely mortal risk. Squawk of a teenage soul who madly loves life, and madly hate with the whole girlish power everything that somehow evoke death. Rudina is very young and as such too eager to live life, in all joyful colors, in all the rainbow spectrum, far from the grey that she inherits in this transitional period, from that darkness where you could suffocate. Death of the deaths! Not natural death, accidental death that cruelly take human life that have just overcome the childhood threshold. Death to the deaths that secretly lurk life in every step. This is the motifs of Rudina’s poetry. Do not remind death to the youth, remind them the successes that are waiting for them in every turn of life. We also wish Rudina a life full of surprises with happy endings and even more to achieve the “Kilimanjaro” of poetry.

Shefki Hysa

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