Tear and laughing lightning

Notes about the book “The heart‘s flaw” of the poet Gjin Progni

Gjin Progni belongs to the generation of the youngest poets whose spirit, thanks to democracy, managed to emerge from the ruins of souls that broke over 50 years, the hell of Enver dictatorship. Disappintment, desperation, pain and little hope, very little hope- this is the sediment of the that whole illusory gigantic-mania with bloody east and west, with socialist vivid colors that the communist propaganda served to the ‘young man”, his mannequin creation.
This is seen also is Gjin Progni’s poems, one of the most talented among those poetic voices that are being heard. Love is the only feeling, which gives, once again, the optimistic tone to his verses overloaded with the contemporary drama. It is a love like all capricious love that started since the whims of Adam and Eve, love as sweet and at times divine, as well as tormenting and heartbreaking. I even encounter it in the whole tissues of the volume poetry “The heart’s flaw” (Krisja e zemrës) this very human feeling, as it is created the image that Gjini’s political universe is nothing but a giant heart that tries to lock up the whole universe inside himself and in impossibility he disappoints, despairs, flaws and leaks pain and revolt. Between tears lighten at times the sincere laugh of the poet, the humor of the young that even though heartbroken at last remembers that life is long and should be lived. And to live it, he must move. In this journey as exhausting and fascinating towards the unknown fate of man, we wish Gjin Progni the top of the success, after the publishing of his first book “The heart’s flaw” (Krisja e zemrës).

Shefki Hysa

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