The demon

Notes about the book “Rebel” of the writer Shpëtim Roqi

Power, in all the times, more or less, claim obedience till to fanaticism, subjected soldiers, rows of dead souls, from base to top of the pyramids. Power is uniformity, political unison. Power survives only this way. Power fears the free thought, the alive and rebel soul. Those in power fear freedom. It is not about absolute freedom, but for human freedom, for that social breath that human must definitely have to be HUMAN. For that spiritual space that poets like Shpëtim Roqi aim. But unfortunately, are very few the souls without prejudices handcuffs, free souls. So very few souls, that the power on behalf of the majority, dare to curse them, to maim them, to subjugate them, to enslave them; if he could even to eliminate them…
How rare remains the free souls! Precisely those souls, whose image convey the Shpetim’s poems. Rebel that every moment challenges those in power that, every moment the curse of those in power presides over them. The curse of those in power that show with the index finger: “The demon”! Here is “The demon”! Dispatch the demon! And crowds of sightless fanatics, in choir, repeated: “The demon, the demon! Dispatch the demon!” Although that in front of them raise the Defense Angel. Even though he preaches their freedom, human vitality…
The demon! In fact, demon is a mythological figure. However, those in power call him every time in the political scene, when they declare heretics their opponents. Precisely this demon cries through the verses of Shpetim Roqi’s poet, and it will be part of his poetry…
This demos is the soul of the book with poetries “Rebel” (Rebel) of the poet Shpëtim Roqi…

Shefki Hysa

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