Christ of the thought

Notes about the book “The stalagmites started to melt” of the writer Llambi Kallço

The poet has in his soul and thoughts something divine therefore the words through the strings of poetry, blow as a divine breeze. The feelings of the poet, his breath, shape in the most human forms even the amorphous and absurdly of this world. The revival spirit blows through poetic universe during the hot seasons, but also instantly with icy, whose stalagmite, depend threateningly in the consciousness of a people, as happened with the Albanians in the difficult years of dictatorship.
Even the young poet Llambi Kallço has a Christ in the thoughts, a Christ that inspires him only revival. His poetry is as a liberating breath of human, whose soul’s ices are melting. And the melt of the ices warns only spring! The loops of spring verdure have now exploded across the strings of the first volume, “The stalagmites started to melt”(Stalagmitet nisën të shkrijnë). Wish his creativity be blossom!

Shefki Hysa

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