Said bluntly! And that’s it!

By: Shefki Hysa
Notes about the book “The tear of rose” of the writer Kostaq Myrtaj
(The individuality of the creator Kostaq Myrtaj)

For this article I was courage by the creativity of younger literary authors like Kostaq Myrtaj with the poetic volume “The tear of rose” (Loti i trëndafilit), Xhulia Xhekaj with the novel “With our paws we walked the world” (Me putrat tona shëtitëm botën), etc., young creators who have courage to knock in the gate of that wonderful world called artistic literary.
I have heard common debates among ordinary people, not rarely among those who hold themselves for individuals and famous scholars of different natural fields of human nature where essentially arises the existential question: “Is or is not?!… After this question naturally arises also the hypothesis or conjecture: “It is and it is not as well?!”…
This is the eternal doubt of the naive Human for many facts, occurrences and phenomena of the life. It is easily understood that ignoramuses are allowed the doubts and aberrations but who pretend to be someone known, part of social elites, could never be forgiven. You cannot forgive that one who pretends the throne of wisdom just because having his word parallel with his fame, it is believable for social opinion’s ears and by expressing an incorrect determination makes our human society uninformed and misdirect it. It is known what fatal consequences bring misusing and misdirecting. Remind for a moment what irreparable consequences bequeathed ex communist dictatorship. An Albania in a prolonged transition that is going towards the swamp of stagnation. And that’s it! Anyway, both the naives and intellectuals often go in the tramp of existential in the life. This happens very often with literary creativity and their creators as well. It is broadly discussed it is or not literary creativity a poetry, a narration or a book of a person who pretends that has written something and holds himself as creator, poet or prose writer, in less words writer and so on…
To say the truth and the truth must be said bluntly, naive discussions, debates and replicas which wake up hearsays and spread a huge fume that much that obscures or make a myth a real value of the man who pretends that has done something, makes me laugh.
An example. It is ridiculous to discuss, let’s say if is or is not a human being, Human, a beauty of Saranda who is married with the boy of her dreams, has been a bride, has lived his life full of love and finally we see her with her body overblown, pregnant. More ridiculous is to think or to say that the daughter of the world is a little pregnant and keeps in body a little bit love fruit. Either is or is not, because we are going crazy!… The things are said bluntly. And that’s it!
Is or is not a Human?!… Also is and it is not as well?!… Also is pregnant and is not?!… Also will born the child and will not as well?!… Also the baby will be born alive and dead as well?!… Also that child will be a Human and will not be?!…
Either one or the other because we are going crazy! Talk bluntly! And that’s it!
Do not these assumptions make you laugh?!… Do not they lead you to shout: Either is or is not! And that’s it!
Simultaneously there is no also is and also is not! And that’s it!
And despite the naives you can fully say, bluntly: The Beauty of Saranda is certainly a Human, she is pregnant and is growing in her body the fruit of her love that will be born as a human being, will bring joy to all relatives and will be grown as a good child, a good Human more for the city along Ionian sea. And that’s it!
This is an alternative. And that’s it!
Or the other alternative, wish it never: the beautiful bride cannot be pregnant or will born her child dead. And that’s it!
And, if the child will be born dead, there is no inheritor for the bride’s tribe and her skyey prince. With it never! And that’s it!
So, I bluntly highlight, is or is not, there is no also is and is not! And that’s it!
This axiom, this postulate is valid for everything in life; it is valid also for literary creativity and creators. It is not important their age. And that’s it!
Let say, Kostaq Myrtaj with his poetic volume “The tear of rose”, either is or is not a poet. And that’s it! There is no is and is not as well! His age is not important. He may be young, 13 years old. Either is a poet or is not! And that’s it!
We must say it bluntly and with loud voice if Kostaqi is or is not a talent and poet! And that’s it!
It must be clearly defined if Kostaq Myrtaj creates poetic values or just writes like many other graphomaniacs. And that’s it!
It is another thing to make verses and rhymes and another to create poetries. And that’s it!
Everybody can write and blacken cards, but are rare those who have the gift to create. And this gift is a present by God, that’s why creators unlike scribes, graphomaniacs, card blackeners and card daubers are more privileged, have a divine soul. And certainly they stand closer to their Creator, the Creator of the Universe, God! And that’s it!
Is or is not Kostaq Myrtaj a creator?!
I bluntly repeat: There is no importance if he is at a young age and he writes for youths and his peers. And that’s it!
It is known that also toddlers are fed and enjoy the same values as adults. They drink with great pleasure the milk of their mother that is milk; drink fruit juices that are fruits created by God and have the same taste for adults too, so for all human gender; ate chocolates that are chocolates of cacao and they taste it as much as adults; ate the bread that is bread, etc. And that’s it!
And they feel satisfied and happy the same way like their parents by the selected and fresh food, a God’s present in this world. And that’s it!
So, also poetries of toddlers either are or are not literary creations, poetries! And that’s it! And if they are creations, their values certainly choke up our children, will choke up us as well and will bring the maximum of spiritual satisfaction as bread ends up hunger and builds a great physical satisfaction after a long fatigue in a tiredness job, the same as chocolate that taste so much that we have juice in our mouths when reminding it. And this happen to all people, at all ages… It happens to children and parents. For this reason, those mothers guilt after having cooked something delicious they feign like feeding the child and feed themselves. I believe that due to a certain fact must have originated that Cham wise expression “The mother eats and does not give to the child” which is commonly used to estimate a special cooking of a master housewives. So, the expression “The mother eats and does not give to the child” is a behavior dictated by attractive, mellowed, wonderful and undisputed values… And that’s it!
In this sense, after you read with attention the creations summarized in the poetic volume “The tear of rose” (Loti i Trëndafilit) of the author Kostaq Myrtaj, you get excited, you are spiritually bullied and feel those special esthetic impressions and pleasures that awake the works of great talents. And while you are lost in that beautiful world that he has created with his fantasy and gives it to us as well, while you wander with your imagination towards the sides of your childhood full of curiosity and interest you discover what it has in common and where if differs comparing children today, you say by heart that you are in front of a real rare talent, that you have in your hands the creativity of real writer. And that’s it!
And this writer, this poet, is Kostaq Myrtaj. And that’s it!
Then, with all the power of your soul and your voice it is worth saying: Welcome among Albanian artists and writers, Kostaq Myrtaj! And that’s it!
Wish you success in the road that leads you in the treasure of artistic and social-cultural masterworks of Albanian nation. And that’s it! Said bluntly! And that’s it! And that’s it! And that’s it!

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