Bilal Xhaferri in a new perspective

(Notes about the book “Poet of human souls” of the author Resmi Osmani)

To appreciate figures like Bilal Xhaferri you should also be evaluated yourself. To write about the life and work of Bilal Xhaferri, you must be very human, must have the will, intuition and very human love, otherwise any attempt would be an artifice and it would sound like bluff. In a word you should be definitely of his kind, to make sublime sacrifices for human love, to have something divine in your being dough to right figure it and accurately explain to the others the mechanism that puts at work such heroes world! So, to deal with the heroism that has permeated the life and creativity of Bilal Xhaferri, you should also have yourself the tendency of the hero. And, apparently, the writer Resmi Osmani who dares to take the courage to give an overview of his assessment for the figure, personality and individuality of Bilal Xhaferri work, has somehow such qualities.
But some readers who may not have encountered the name of this author yet may ask to know who this Resmi Osmani is, who appears so brave and has such courage to put in the balance of his pen, Bilal Xhaferri’s greatness?! Normal, it can happen even so, so to avoid such a misunderstanding, let me first say a few words about Resmi Osmani and then for his efforts in the role of Bilal Xhaferri’s researchers.
Dear reader, Resmi Osmani is of Cham origin, thus a human being that God created from the divine mud of this divine land. He is one of the best specialists of Albanian agriculture, one of the most successful former-leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture, who, with skill and dedication to work, has well deserved the scientific title “Professor. Dr” of this field.
Besides the scientific achievements in the field of agriculture, Resmi Osmani, occasionally, devoted himself to the writings, articles and studies where he has reflected the Albanian agriculture’s achievements to later pass in the drafting and publication of some of his friends’ biography.
The novel “The reign of Pyrrhus of Epirus” (Mbretërimi i Pirros së Epirit), published a few months ago, raised this author in a new height and created him a new profile of creator in front of the Albanian reader. Thus, this novel successful for a magnificent figure like Purrhus of Epirus, was a literary flyer that gave the right to Resmi Osmani author to be dedicated also to the study of a figure like Bilal Xhaferri, magnificent figure as well as specific of its own type.
The literary flyer of Resmi Osmani for Bilal Xhaferri is titled “Poet of human souls” (Bilal Xhaferri-Poet i shpirtrave njerëzorë). So, from this title, we understand that this author has managed to uncover the secret that how can we study Bilal Xhaferri’s work, because he presents it exactly as a poet of human souls. You can be a poet of nature, human acts and heroism, you can even be a poet of the court of cacique and king who govern the people, you can sing with euphorie for the glory of the ancient pharaohs and those of modern times, but you can never be a poet of the human spirit. To be a poet of the human spirit, you must be a great man with a great spirit, to know how to enter through the labyrinths of the human soul without losing track through the praises which were sung to the pharaohs, barbarians from the barbarian letter writers.
And I say that Resmi Osmani received this message while reading and proper study of Bilal Xhaferri creativity in poetry, fiction or journalism, because he has managed to dredge poetry that characterizes all genres of this magnificent work, the symbol of values of the human soul.
After all, as a tireless explorer missionary and visionary, I re-discovered Bilal Xhaferri from the lost forest of forgetfulness to perpetuate in the memory of readers, so, to make his work, nephew after nephew and niece after niece, intellectual property of Albanians. This was my mission. Resmi Osmani and other authors have the right to find the strength and express their evaluations for this figure to be then under the trials of time if they have acted right or wrong in their attitudes.
For me, time has given its verdict; it’s its right to give even for courageous researchers like Resmi Osmani…
Dear reader, it is known that time will do its own, as I made my own, as you will do yours! However, in the course of this trilateral short conversation, I, you and Resmi Osmani, I will once emphasize a secret that is not a secret anymore: Love and resistance! These are two words that form a phrase that serve as a magic key to open the gates of the kingdom of Bilal Xhaferri creativity. Apparently Resmi Osmani author has found this magic formula to call as in the tale: “Sezam open” and in front of him is unfolded the greatness of treasures of Bilal Xhaferri’s work…
So, love and resistance even in your lives, dear readers!
How this researcher has described and evaluated the rare values of the treasury-Bilal Xhaferri, I leave it in your judgment and the time’s verdict, dear readers.

Shefki Hysa

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